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söndag 6 oktober 2013

Weekend with my homiez html, css n' PHP

 Some photoshop playaround. Photolayering

Last week I watched a documentary about GMO-food. (If you don't know what that is, you should really look it up)
The GMO-food is banned in most of Europe (THANK YOU!) and I always strive to eat clean and healthy food made from scratch, but I decided anyway to run a body detox wednesday-friday. Tried making a smoothie with spinach for the first time. It sounds deisgusting but it's acctually not! 
It doesn't taste spinach, as you would think it should. I mixed mine with bananas, kiwi and orange. All organically grown. Try it!

This weekend is 100% work weekend, and I love it!
Me and my jewelry webshop has had some what of a push and pull relationship. I have struggled with designing a website that I feel presents my jewelry in the right way. This weekend I got the inspiration to start working on a completely new webshop. Not just making adjustments and changes, but really starting over from scratch. It's turning out good.   

Listening to 70-80's electro music
gonna make something to eat then go out and buy some more coffee.
this is a wonderful day, feeling happy.
cuz I'm doing what I want to do. 
still thinking of that pastel pink hair. maybe it's time to just do it.

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