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måndag 7 oktober 2013

Take control

Today I decided to take a free day. 
Gonna work for just a couple of hours now, and then I'm going to the north of town to just hang out with a friend. we have a long hike planned for later.
There's not much that feels better than to have the power over your own life and your own time. it's a fact that should be obvious. why are people so afraid of being in control of their own time and their own lives?
You don't need someone else to tell you what do to in your day. or for 8 hours of it. which is like half of the time that you're awake. 
What do YOU wanna do with YOUR time?

Now there will be coffee. and speed working.
I hope I have time to make the finishing touches on the webshop and release it on to the magnificent internetz.

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