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måndag 21 oktober 2013

She's hanging all her hopes on the stars

It was still pitch black dark when I got out of bed today.
After letting the cats out for their morning-toilet in the shrubbery, I took some time to glance at the, almost full, moon while the coffeemaker was fulfilling its purpose.

I have this thing for staring out in space, trying to wrap my head around the fact that what I'm looking at is not only crazy (crazy!) far away, but that I'm also looking back in time. It's really hard to truly understand all of that.. to really feel it.
But more times than not, a feeling of vertigo arise for a short period of time. And in that fraction I can truly feel that I'm standing on this tiny planet, moving very fast in an enormously huge universe that's filled with all kinds of strange stuff. And compared to it all, I'm just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of compressed matter. A tiny, tiny human. and for that second I feel the senselessness of taking life and yourself to serious. Because then you'll miss all of the wonders of this remarkable place.

And I toss my heavy backpack and smile.

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