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onsdag 4 september 2013

It's just a ride, it's just a ride


Yesterday I was super woman, full power stright ahead.
unfortunately it was straight ahead into a wall, down a well, landing on a rock hard place, out of breath.
Yeah, I thought I had come up with a solution to the newly born problem I have, but I actually only did a lot of stuff in total vain. I was really pissed of last night that I had wasted a hole day on nothing.
But I think I'm now kind'a accepting the fact that this may not be fixable and I just have to ride through it till it has passed.
I'm glad I can laugh about it.

So today I thought I would upgrade to superwoman 2.0.
think over and think through before doing. breathe. stay focused and productive, but without the tunnel vision. do your best, and have fun while doing it.
if not, there is no point, and you should abort the mission.

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  1. Gud va vackert!