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torsdag 12 september 2013

It's harsh

I'm getting really tired of all the women who feel that they have the privilege to say mean things about other women's bodies. 
I've been seeing allot of this lately, and hearing, how women express how thin girls are disgusting, ugly and wrong. that a real woman (what the F is a "real woman"?) should have some fat and curves.
(Well, just so you know, I'm thin but I also have curves., It is not an either or situation here)

Is this something that's just happening in here Sweden or is it a world-wide-thing? 

So.. when I was at the gym today, I received the honor of listening to a 15min long conversation between three women. The main topics that were discussed for the day was "Disgusting thin girls - No thank you" and "I can not lose weight - It's my body's fault, it does not know how."  

I wondered if I should be a good samaritan, and inform them of the advantages of actually sweating and working hard, or at least work out, when you're at the gym. instead of standing around having conversations.
And also about the benefits of treating others as you want to be treated (here I assumed that they would not like to be called "disgusting fat girls"). 
I also thought about whether I should jump into the conversation and actually call them "disgusting fat girls" to make a practical demonstration of why there is a problem with acting like a retarded neanderthal.  

But I'm not an asshole so I didn't do that, instead I decided to just leave them to their fate and hope that they one day will be good people who don't feel the need to put others down. People who have done nothing to hurt them or given them any reason to be nasty and resentful.
The only reason is that they look a certain way.
It's just so stupid. 
It's stupid overload.

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