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My name is Sandra and I'm a self-employed jewelery designer and artist. I'm also a student, studying towards a degree in Information Architecture specialization Web Content Manager and Designer. Currently living in Stockholm/Sweden.

lördag 7 september 2013

Innovation recency when renewal revive

Yesterday I hung out with a friend, ate food, shared a couple of corona beers and slept over.
Woke up after what felt like a snap of the fingers and lined up to make flower decorations for a wedding. 
It's really fun! but also completely Nerve-wracking cuz there's virtually no room or time for errors.

Tonight I've been making plans for a future webshop with my art, both originals and art prints.
Thinking of names and feeling merry and prosperous.
I have so much to do to make all the thing that I want to happen, happen. it's insane! haha
Right now I'm going with the one-ting-at-a-time-no-stress routine

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