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måndag 2 september 2013

Choose your last words

Finally back on track with my morning yoga. it's such an super awesome way to start the day.
Morning yoga and then a big healthy breakfast with fruits, nuts, berries, hummus, avocado, rice cakes and so on.
Then coffee a piece of yesterdays wonderful cake which I made of: oat yoghurt, honey, rapeseed oil, oats, soybean flour, nuts, baking powder and flavored with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and cacao. 
Pure love in my mouth!
And my body is thanking me.

I'm on a mission to unscatter.
have organized things today that needed to be organized.
have taken decision that needed to be taken.
answered some unanswered questions. 
still a few knots left to tie up, but I will stay calm and hope that I can make the storm settles a bit. as long as I don't fall in the water it will all be ok. 

Thank you mind for not spinning of the rails.
and than u universe for creating and introducing me to the few but totally amazing people in my life. 
Today I shall remember to be grateful. 

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