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torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Tumbling rain and cinnamon coffee's


Sometimes I impress myself.
Today I impressed myself by not diving into a dark and damp hole, when bad news came to town.

I have finally started to live by the fact, that the bad news is there whether I'm sitting in a hole and feeling sorry for myself or not. therefor it's totally useless (read: worst possible reaction), to drown myself in angst, sorrow, anger and all of that.
I'm not making this worse than it has to be.
which, unfortunately, is kind'a bad. but also this will pass.

Now I will drink coffee, be with my love and make jewelry.
I have set the release date for my new (copper coloré) collection to ~ 24 September.
I have lots of inspiration, passion and creative flow right now.

I'm making the best that I can of my time, so that I can feel happy and grateful right now,
so that I can look back and be happy about it all. 

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