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söndag 11 augusti 2013

Time to pony this shit up

Veggie sushi is digesting in my stomach.
Drinking tea, cozying with the cats and contemplating the future while listening to the thunder outside. 

I believe that there's 4 stages of learning life lessons. 
Stage one is when you are realizing something new.
Stage two is when you start to understand that new realization.
Stage three is when you know, when it goes from being a thought in your head to being something fundamental within yourself. 
Stage four is when you start living by it, when no other way is possible.

I am starting to know that there is no meaning to do things, if I'm not doing them for myself, if they doesn't create a warm fuzzy feeling inside, if they aren't contributing to my happiness-account.
There is also no meaning to hold myself back, restrain myself or to judge myself.

I wonder why you do that. why you hold yourself back, why you judge yourself, why you procrastinate. It does never ever create positive revenue, all it creates is anguish and a reduction of everything that is you and that is positive. what's the reason?

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