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lördag 3 augusti 2013

Something about colors

I decided to start writing in english instead. I'm gonna test it out for a while and see how it feels. Usually I feel it's easier to express myself in english. And this way the international visitors can read the text as well.

So.. the weekend has finally come. For me, it's usually not much difference between weekdays and weekends. Since I'm both working and studying from home and often choose to check off must-does during the weekends as well.  
The big difference is that my boyfriend does not have to run off to work,  
instead we get two days where we can have slow mornings, drinking coffee and being in each others company. 
Therefore, the weekend is still the best thing of the week

We are planning to go camping in the woods for a weekend with friends.
This weekend is full of preparations for the examination papers I have on both monday and tuesday .. so it will probably happen next weekend. That's exactly what I need right now, to be out in nature and just be. 

Have vegan sausages over an open fire, drinking with friends. 
It'll be awesomely beautiful.

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