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måndag 12 augusti 2013

Skipping heart beats

Aaahh, what a great weekend I had! 
to bad it cant be weekend everyday.
Today is math-day, like everyday for the coming month. need I say more
I will be so happy when this course is over. And hopefully I have passed it as well.

Did my morning yoga, had my breakfast.
Now it's coffee, bloggs, tumblr and music.
Thinking of setting up a shop at etsy and also creating a web-portfolio with my art and jewelry.
Also have my mind set on buying myself an acoustic guitar. my hole heart, body and mind lights up when I think about playing, so that one has got to be checked of real soon!

Trying to balance the want-to:s with the must-do:s
Making the must-do:s into want-to:s
Changing tings up

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