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tisdag 13 augusti 2013

She had a cocktail in her hand, confetti in her hair, and a life tracing paragons

Some more photoshop cat-art

Got a good final grade in history this morning
also got a notice that the guitar should be arriving in the end of this week
getting better and better at the headstanding
doing more yoga
spending my days with the love of my life and soulmate
taking care of body and mind

Things have been starting to look kinda' good overall lately.
I guess it's connected with the gut wrenching soul searching that I dove into a few weeks ago. 
Things are on the move and most important of all, my perspective is changing.
I love when the developing process becomes so substantial that you can almost feel the mechanics of it.

But I'm not gonna start celebrating and trow in the towel or anything like that.
cuz the universe's curved ball is soon coming my way again. 
This is surely not the end, how could it be?
I've learned to know, care for and to live side by side with life's mountains and valleys.
I know the pattern now and I wont be taken by surprice when that ball hits my face.
Just bring it on!

The trick to survival is to not let the ball smack you down face first into the pavement. stay cool, stay grounded, stay open.

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