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måndag 19 augusti 2013

Sequin dresses and feathers in my hair

12 horas en la playa de Las Palmas

Had a great saturday with great friends
corona's, tequila sunrise's, corn-snacks, excessive talking
all while the sun sailed down and came back up again.
I was also thrown in to making my first ever flower arrangement and delivering and installing it at a wedding.
Totally terrifying and fun at the same time.

Yesterday was cozy-bed-day with my finest man, thai food, chocolate oat ice cream, peanut doodles and The great Gatsby.
Now I want sequin dresses and feathers in my hair.  

Gonna drink up my coffee, wash my face, and then go out and buy me a tuning machine for my guitar.
Tonight will be jewelry making and creative night.
I just want to flow into and merge with my own creative bubble today.

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years

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