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tisdag 20 augusti 2013

Pink stars are falling

Wanna dye my hair in a pink pastel color. or like an pastel my little pony rainbow.
wanna pierce my right nostril.
wanna get a hat.
wanna tattoo my yin yang fishes.
wanna go to Spain and wonder the nature and beaches with my love. drink sangria, eat lovely food, wind in the hair, laughing, kissing.

What does all of this have in common?
Spirit, courage and money. Money. Time.
Time to let go, and go.

Finished the mica mineral necklace yesterday. it turned out really beautiful, like a real piece of art. I'll show a photo of it later.

I wont procrastinate no more!
now it's math time. then yoga and then maybe I'll play a little guitar and make some gemstone rings.
Have to make more oat milk and herbal+sunflower seeds bread spread as well.

Go go little red

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