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onsdag 14 augusti 2013

On that day my song was born

Mica mineral stone and flower made of copper wire
Necklace in the making

It's rain and thunder outside, and I woke up with a light migraine.
Matisyahu, coffee, granola bars and two cuddly cats hiding from the rain.
I'm having a short meet-up in a short while, then I'll go and by me some fruits. hankering for something sweet.
Always when I don't feel so good, I eat, allot. maybe it's some ancient survival thing still hanging around. 
Longing for the guitar. I day like today would be a perfect day to have a guitar for a +1.

Yesterday I started working on a necklace for my coming jewelry collection.
I hope it will turn out as beautiful as I picture it in my mind!
but we'll see. staying low on the anticipation. I never know how my things will turn out, so it's always a surprise when they are finally done.

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