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måndag 5 augusti 2013

Coffee and sadness

I just read about the cruel animal testings that's being done on cats at the university in Lund.
Djurrättsalliansen (the animal rights alliance) has posted the email adress to the headmaster at the university on their facebook page..
so I'm gonna send him an e-mail later. As soon as I know what to say..

I truly do hate animal testing and animal cruelty most of the things that are in this world.
There's other ways to test much of the stuff that needs testing,
but animals is used anyway cuz it's cheaper.

Why do humans create so much evil, horror and sadness?

I wish I could just take the train down, walk right in and rescue all the cats and put the responsible people in jail.
But things doesn't work that way, unfortunately.
I'm so sad..
maybe I'll create some art out of all thees sad feelings..

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