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lördag 31 augusti 2013

Adorned and Bejewelled

So far today: 
Got up and made a huge breakfast with fruits, hummus, rice cakes, nuts and coffee.
Photographed the new jewelry, edited the images, updated the webshop.
Meanwhile repeatedly singing on "Britney Spears - Everytime" (really beautiful song)
6 hours later I am here.. geting ready to make another cup of coffee and maybe start working on that bird necklace I have in my head, for the copper coloré collection. The thing that's making me hesitate is that I'm afraid I wont be able to make it as beautiful as the one I picture in my head.. maybe some coffee and food will help me overcome one of humans great emotions, fear of failure.

About the jewelry above:
1: Bracelet with rhodochrosite, aquamarine, aventurine, amazonite och pyrite.
Direct link: Acia Armband

2: Earrings made of copper, with rhodochrosite and green & yellow aventurine.
Direct link: Adell Örhangen

3: Necklace made of copper, with a big green aventurine, pyrite and

faceted glass beads.
Direct link: Acaia halsband

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